About Us

  • Mission

    MPBizRabbitry strives to be a World Renowned Rabbit Farmer, Meat Supplier and Training Provider nationally and internationally, ultimately making Rabbit Meat a preferred meat, having 1 million rabbits in our Rabbitry.

  • Vision

    Our vision at MPBizRabbitry is to create a place of great opportunities to improve lives and grow within South Africa.


With over 20 years experience doing the following :
- Access to markets
- Farm Audits and Inspection
- Mentorship, Support and Coaching
- Trainings and Workshops
- Profiling and Certifying the Rabbit Farmers as Breeders
- Advocacy for Rabbit Farmers

Ms Daisy Moleko
Founder & CEO
@ MPBizRabbirty
Mr Wandile Mtetwa
Rabbitry Facilitator
@ MPBizRabbitry
Ms Meiki Motshabi
Rabbitry Facilitator
@ MPBizRabbitry
Mr Peter Schilder
Rabbitry Facilitator
@ MPBizRabbitry

Course Specifications

The course includes

  • Rabbits 
  • Training 
  •  Mentorship 
  •  Access to markets

Course Requirements

  • You must have a farm or space to far from 1HA
  • Clean water
  • Must have a shed / structure

Let The Numbers Speaks









Please note that you will receive a call to arrange your one on one appointment or be notified of available days for the work shop when your booking is successful.

Rabbit Farming Workshop

/ Once Off
  • Duration: 1 days

Please note that arrangements will be made to help start with the following Courses : Do visit our contact page if there are any enquiries  

Commercial Breeding Course

R20 000
/ Once Off
  • Breeding stock: 40
  • Duration: 5 days – 1 month
  • No cages

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